PalmsLos Angeles, CA

This is a prime location and is listed as one the best areas to live in Los Angeles. Considered an excellent area for nightlife, restaurants, and schools, the Palms and Adjacent areas offer a little something for everyone.



Living in LA you're never too far from anything. Here are a few of the many notable attractions in our Palms neighborhood ensuring you're never too far from the fun and adventure.


Palms Recreation Area

Palms Recreation Area has many outdoor entertainment options – a playground, picnic area, basketball courts, auditorium and even day camps, classes and sports teams.

Kirk Douglas Theatre

Owned by the Center Theatre Group, this theatre offers a variety of performances and conventions. Many world premieres of plays began here and later moved to Broadway.

Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook

This scenic overlook offers several hiking trails with a panoramic view of the entire Los Angeles Basin, the Pacific Ocean and surrounding mountains. It also features a visitors center with history about the area, a butterfly garden and food trucks.