BrentwoodLos Angeles, CA

The Brentwood area has some great local attractions for our residents to enjoy such as; shopping outlets, restaurants, Brentwood golf course, and also a great local farmers market where you can pick up some awesome local products.



Living in LA you're never too far from anything. Here are a few of the many notable attractions in our Brentwood neighborhood ensuring you're never too far from the fun and adventure.


Farmer's Market

Weekly Sunday Morning Community Event In The Heart of Beautiful Brentwood, CA! Artisan Crafted Goods, Freshly Prepared Food & Local Produce Await! Come Discover Your Community.

Brentwood Restaurants

Many restaurants here hawk organic, raw, sustainable, and gluten-free fare. From a French-Japanese favorite that serves uni and steak to a refined farm-to-table brunch spot.

Brentwood Village

Known for its local charm, strong sense of community & pedestrian friendly environment. Comprised of fashion boutiques; specialty shops; fantastic restaurants; spas; fitness studios and salons.