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Oxnard Apartment Rentals – Great Apartments in a Wonderful Environment Close to LA

Oxnard, CA, an amazing coastal city in the state’s beautiful Ventura County is attracting not only more and more visitors, but more and more new residents as well – the spectacular, uncrowded beaches, the bubbly, multicultural environment, the city’s special vibe and its livability, the ample job opportunities created by the area’s booming economy and the affordable Oxnard apartment rentals are all there to make the city located just 60 miles from Los Angeles the ideal place for anyone looking for a new life or for an unforgettable summer spent in sunny California. Small wonder Oxnard was and still is the preferred place of residence for so many Hollywood stars – Charlie Chaplin, Rudolph Valentino, Sonny and Cher, Clark Gable was attracted by the perfect weather, by the city’s vibrant, yet quaint atmosphere and by the beautiful cityscape that includes Colonial, Italian, Victorian and Gothic buildings just as much as modern architecture.

Apartments for Rent in Oxnard, CA

There are lots of attractions in Oxnard, but what makes living here so great is the proximity of the ocean. Luckily, there are lots of apartments for rent in Oxnard CA that are just a few minutes’ walk away from the water front – many also come with a view over the beautiful Pacific that you can never have enough of. Local property management companies are very reliable, so you can be sure that even cheap Oxnard apartment rentals are regularly maintained and kept in impeccable condition.

Types of Oxnard Apartment Rentals and Where to Find Them

The Oxnard cityscape is beautifully diverse and eclectic, combining various architectural styles not only across the city, but even within one district. The historic district in the city center has amazing buildings erected in the 1920’s, while urban development is more concentrated on coastal and harbor areas.

Oxnard apartment rentals are just as varied as the city’s architecture – whether you are looking for a studio, an apartment with one, two or even three bedrooms, an apartment that features an open floor plan or a small, cozy corner unit, you can surely find the type of residence that works for you best in the range of available Oxnard apartment rentals. Available apartments are varied in terms of rental rates as well – there are lots of luxury apartments in the city, but cheap apartments for rent in Oxnard CA are just as easy to find.

Local Amenities in Oxnard

To be able to enjoy California life to the fullest in Oxnard CA, you need not only a wide choice of perfectly equipped, regularly maintained and affordable Oxnard apartment rentals to be able to choose the perfect fit, but local amenities that make your time spent in or around the city comfortable and enjoyable.

It is not only the quality and the great rates for Oxnard apartment rentals that make living in the city so great – local amenities are excellent as well. The city is accessible by road, on the Ventura Freeway from Los Angeles, the Pacific Coast Highway connects Oxnard to Malibu and there are several other major roads through the city as well. Oxnard has a port, a harbor and an airport and it also serves as a major public transport hub, with rail and bus services to numerous directions.

Oxnard is a great place not only when it comes to Oxnard apartment rentals and a residence perfectly connected to key areas in Central California, but also if you are a gourmet who loves to explore culinary specialties and cultural sites. Whatever type of food you are looking for, Oxnard has it:

  • The restaurants along the coastline serve excellent beers, the most special wines and cocktails, but these are the places to drop by if you feel like a steak, seafood or just a quick bite after a day spent on the beach, getting a tan and bathing in the ocean. The coastal area also gives home to grill restaurants, tapas bars and other specialty restaurants.
  • The historic district downtown features a different atmosphere – every street has at least one cozy or stylish café. The area is home to numerous upscale restaurants, perfect for a romantic dinner, but you can find relaxed tapas restaurants and simple diners in the area as well.

Oxnard offers lots of shopping opportunities as well. The city has several marketplaces, including a farmers’ market downtown where you can buy the freshest produce and you can choose from several major stores to buy what you need.

The Greatest Attractions in the Area

Aside from the hype associated with the movie industry, West Los Angeles apartment rentals can offer you so much more. When it comes to getting good apartments for rent, West Los Angeles rentals are normally very close to venues like the famous Sunset Strip – a 2.4 km long stretch of Sunset Boulevard that encompasses numerous boutiques, rock clubs, restaurants and other important places that are closely linked to the entertainment industry.

The Sunset Strip used to be the most notorious place at the edge of Hollywood, where it would house some of the most infamous nightclubs and bars in the area. Known as the “playground” of Hollywood’s elite from times gone by, the Strip still holds many stories about celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe, Clark Gable or Greta Garbo and their encounters in this legendary entertainment center.

Landmarks and Point of Interests

Oxnard combines the exciting, multicultural atmosphere so typical of the entire Los Angeles Metropolitan Area with a cozy, artsy feel and a very friendly, small-town vibe – here are the most popular landmarks in and around the city:

  • Channel Islands Harbor – the Harbor is not very big, but it has so much to offer that you will certainly have the impression that it is huge. Dedicated to fun for kids and adults alike, the Harbor has plenty to see and to do - restaurants, water sports equipment rentals, boat trip operators, paved walkways are all there to help you relax.
  • Museums – the city gives home to numerous museums, one more interesting than the other. The Mullin Automotive Museum, the spectacular Carnegie Art Museum and the Channel Island Maritime Museum will surely make you want to repeat your visit, while in the Gull Wings Children’s Museum your kids will have a wonderful time.
  • Heritage Square – the beautiful old buildings and the presence of people dressed in period costumes lends the square a very special atmosphere. You can find great restaurants there, so you can interrupt your walk around the district for a delicious meal or for a cocktail on the go.

As you see, there is more to living in Oxnard than high-quality, affordable Oxnard apartment rentals – the city is a wonderful, livable place as a whole. Whether you are looking for a rental for just a few months or you are currently browsing Oxnard apartment rentals for a longer stay, you will certainly find not only the best home to move to, but also your place in the life of the city that has so many friendly places and friendly faces.