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Marina del Rey Apartment Rentals – A Tranquil Community and Upscale Choices at a Better Price

Many would say that Marina del Rey apartment rentals are a better choice when compared to places like Santa Monica and downtown LA because of the lower costs. However, instead of offering lower quality, many of the rental places available here are actually more upscale and fitted with better amenities than the busy apartment complexes near Hollywood. According to most experts, Marina del Rey, Los Angeles, CA, is a small tranquil haven compared to most of the other the busy and dynamic neighborhoods of Los Angeles. So if you want a more peaceful life, and to be within walking or cycling distance of some of the best places and venues in the area, this is your ideal choice for quality apartment rentals.

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Since most of the places you’d need to get to are easy to access by car, but a little farther away by foot, biking in Marina del Rey has become a popular and healthy option. You can get to most places by riding your bike, and the experience will also allow you to relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery of some of Los Angeles’ most amazing places.


Upscale Marina del Rey Apartment Rentals

One of the things you’ll notice as you explore the details associated with apartments for rent in Marina del Rey is that the prices vary greatly, but the quality stays the same – at an extremely high level. Although some of the apartments that are situated closer to the beach may be somewhat more expensive, you can get high quality condos with all the bells and whistles available at a relatively low price in other locations.

Your best choice for Marina del Rey apartment rentals is an upscale rental unit overlooking the ocean. This is where the quality of the Marina apartment complexes truly stands out. Aside from standard features like assigned parking spots and community laundry facilities, you can also enjoy fully renovated condos that were recently painted, fitted with genuine hardwood flooring, and provided with stunning bathroom fixtures, brand new stainless steel kitchen appliances, fashionable glass doors and trendy countertop and cabinet designs. Moreover, the rooms are large, well-lit and airy, and they can easily house an entire family.

That being said, there are many other good reasons why choosing Marina del Rey apartment rentals might be a good idea. From access to the beach, to restaurants, supermarkets and places like the famous Chace Park, this area will delight and inspire you, however, without stressing you out with all of LA’s busiest activities and venues.

A Great Waterside Community

Marina del Rey is a predominantly waterside neighborhood, where people tend to spend a lot of time at the beach or at places like the Ballona Wetlands Ecological Reserve. Marina del Rey apartment rentals will not only provide you with amenities and features that will give you the impression of living in a luxury mansion, but also with quick and easy access to great restaurants, beaches, parks, bike trails and even harbor tours and dinner cruises – both of which have become extremely popular in recent years.

Public boating and fishing trips are available throughout the area, from the north, near Marina Beach, to many other locations farther south, including Playa del Rey and the famous Dockweiler Beach. Also, even while choosing cheaper Marina del Rey studio apartments, you can still get a more “touristy” feel and find yourself close to most of the best venues in the area.Because of the population density in the region, and because Marina del Rey apartment rentals are close to most other Los Angeles neighborhoods in the area – including Santa Monica, Venice and Westchester, you will be able to find even more exciting seaside locations and venues in the immediate vicinity, such as the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium, Manhattan Beach and the Annenberg Community Beach House.

Dockweiler Beach – Expansive and Easy to Access

Dockweiler Beach represents another good reason why finding the best Marina del Rey apartment rentals may be your ideal choice for moving to LA. The beach is quite large, with over 280 acres of fine, well-kept beach area and a 3.7-mile ocean frontage. This is where the beauty of the Pacific can truly be witnessed, especially if you choose to travel by bike.

Visitors and locals use the bicycle paths not only for cycling, but also for rollerblading and jogging. Fishing is also very popular here, including the practice of shore fishing. Also, the vast expanse of the beach makes it ripe for finding exciting new venues as you explore when you move into your Marina del Rey apartment rentals for the first time. Places like the Dockweiler Youth Center, the Recreational Vehicle Park and the fenced enclosure protecting the endangered snowy plover shore bird are a few of the most exciting venues you should see.

 Chace Park

Chace Park

The Beauty of Chace Park

Chace Park has been around since 1972, and is now one of the main attractions you’ll see after finding your Marina del Rey apartments for rent. Named after former Los Angeles County supervisor, Burton W. Chace, the park is the best place in the area to relax with picnics, barbecues, harbor viewing areas and various unique entertainment and outdoor programs.

The park is located strategically to be close to most Marina del Rey apartment rentals and houses, so you won’t have any trouble whatsoever in locating it. Admission is free throughout the park, and there are constantly various events being organized that will provide you with entertainment, useful and historical information about Marina del Rey, community events and, of course, exciting outdoor summer concerts that you can also attend for free.

Since this neighborhood of LA is a haven for bicycle enthusiasts, Chace Park is obviously no exception. The South Bay Bicycle Trail crosses straight through the park, stretching from Pacific Palisades in the north, to the base of the Palos Verdes Peninsula in the south.

Exciting outdoor activities, lavishing amenities and impressive waterside venues define this beautiful and tranquil area, setting it apart from LA’s other neighborhoods. If you choose to get one of the best Marina del Rey apartment rentals, you will certainly not be disappointed.