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The Main Highlights and Benefits of Choosing Quality Brentwood Apartment Rentals

If you want to move to Brentwood, apartment rentals in the area can give you the ideal opportunity to start fresh, lead an active life, and engage in a whole host of business, entertainment, family and nightlife activities according to your specific tastes. Brentwood, Los Angeles, CA is one of the few places in the famous Westside that has a glamorous history, and is also able to mix the beauty of the Santa Monica mountains with California’s most exciting urban developments and infrastructure.


Brentwood Apartment Rentals: What You Need to Know

Although the houses and condos available for sale can be quite expensive in Brentwood, apartments for rent are a much more appealing and suitable option if you plan on moving here. A dynamic part of the Los Angeles area, this affluent neighborhood of Westside has a long history dating back to the 1880s, and is also home to many world renowned celebrities.

From large, well-lit houses with swimming pools and all the amenities you can imagine, to impressive Brentwood Los Angeles apartment complexes, you’ll find a truly wide assortment of places to stay in this area – regardless of whether you are mainly considering budget options, a good location, a larger outdoor area or a greater number of bedrooms.

Local Venues and Locations

Whether you want to go to the beach or visit the mountains, you won’t have to go too far if you’re staying in this part of Los Angeles. Santa Monica is just a short drive away if you’re looking for the beach, and the stunning scenery of the Santa Monica mountains are even closer, as the neighborhood itself is situated at the mountains’ foothills.

When considering Brentwood apartment rentals, you’ll also find the new place you’re moving to is definitely not boring or tedious. The venues and entertainment options in the area are up to standard with what you’d expect from a town with awesome apartments for rent, Brentwood CA offering anything from a huge farmer’s market to lavishing golf courses for local residents to enjoy.

If you enjoy shopping, and like to stay healthy with the best organic food, the local farmer’s market is the ideal place to start out in the morning. Here you can find a huge assortment of fruits and vegetables, a spacious place with everything you need, and even a petting zoo that used to be at the Country Mart. While exploring you’ll also run into other engaging places like one of the most professional natural products stores in California.

If you want something a little more upscale, Brentwood apartment rentals can also get you close to the local Golf Club, which is situated at the foothills of Mt. Diablo, halfway between San Francisco and Central Valley. Featuring PGA professional staff members, championship golf courses featuring 27 holes, and a landscape designed by renowned architect, Ted Robinson, this is the perfect place for anyone even remotely interested in golf.

  11645 Gorham Ave

11645 Gorham Ave

Schools and Family Places

If you have a family and kids, there’s a lot you can do in Brentwood, apartment rentals here often being considered some of the most family-friendly of them all. The area gives you a wide array of choices regarding the types of housing establishments to choose, and there are plenty that can also give your children enough outdoor spaces and good proximity to schools, libraries, playgrounds and grocery stores.

There are no less than seven public schools and two private schools in Brentwood, apartment rentals offering you the chance to choose almost any one of them, depending on the place you live in. Also, the large population density and cultural richness of the area will give children an unprecedented opportunity to experience a truly diverse environment, with peers of all backgrounds.

Aside from culturally significant venues and places like the Bundy Canyon or the mid-century modern residences of Crestwood Hills, there are many other family-friendly sights you can take your kids to. The Barrington Recreation Center is a good example. This is a gymnasium featuring a large indoor area with an auditorium, as well as outdoor basketball courts, a community room, picnic tables, tennis and volleyball courts and children’s play area.

Where to Eat

Ever lived in a place where you could hardly have any choice of where to go if you want to dine out with your spouse or family? If you opt for Brentwood apartment rentals, this is one of the problems that will entirely go away.

As mentioned earlier, Brentwood is a veritable multicultural hub, but that also means you get an impressive selection of foods from various parts of the world. For example, you can opt for the Tavern, a unique and sophisticated place serving a diverse American menu, or go to Pizzicotto, an Italian place that offers truly authentic Italian dishes prepared with a rare attention to detail.

Brentwood apartment rentals won’t disappoint even if your choice of cuisine is not mainstream. A couple of the more unique places you can visit also include the Bottlefish seafood restaurant and bar, and the Amandine Patisserie Café, a French bakery and cafe where you won’t find anything below 5-star standard. To get a drink you can also go to the Karl Strauss Brewing Company, one of the most renowned pubs and breweries in the area.

An Impressive Business Community

Local CA Brentwood apartment rentals also give you a great opportunity to engage in the local business arena. The BVCC – the local Chamber of Commerce – is known to represent more than 100 different business interests throughout the community. Here local business owners and city officials get together to promote and enhance the local economy, and you too can play a major role in the process.

Whether you are already a business owner, and would like to expand in LA’s western region, or you want to start a brand new business and become successful right from the start, this is a good place to begin your venture.

The tree-lined streets, ample parking spaces, friendly communities and diverse environment of this captivating area will draw you in right from the start. Choosing Brentwood apartment rentals long term will make even more sense once you move into your new home and start exploring this outstanding neighborhood of Los Angeles.

11645 Gorham Ave - 1223 Federal Ave - 816 Bundy Dr  -  1222 Amherst Ave  - 1275 Federal Ave  - 1516 Butler Ave